Crime is Decreasing…

 Here’s s snipet of one of the articles out this week about crime stats in this city:

 “Johannesburg – Murder, which is considered to be the most reliable indication of crime trends, has only decreased by two percent in the last financial year, said a police report on crime statistics, which was released on Wednesday.

According to the report there were 18 528 murders during the 2005/2006 financial year, which is 2% less than the previous year, but short of the 7 – 10% reduction target set by government for contact crimes.

Rapes decreased with only one percent, with 54 926 incidents being reported.

Indecent assault decreased by 3.7% with 9805 incidents being reported.”

They break down murders, rapes and aggrivated / violent robberies by neighbourhood.  In the list of the top-ten most dangerous suburbs is Sandton, the rich northern suburb where I spent my first couple of months.  The good news, according to the spokesman for the crime statistics agency, is this: most of those 18, 528 murders committed in this one city were committed by people who know the victims, so it’s not really as bad as people say when it comes to random murders.   I feel much better. 

As for the rapes – keep in mind those are the ones that get reported…

Oh, and not listed above is the increase in cash-in-transit heists (organized crime): up by 74%.  That’s growth.  It’s all about having a solid business plan and reliable partners (security guards and police officers you can buy off).  If that fails and you get caught, there’s always the hope you’ll find a court magistrate with a braai (BBQ) to get to.  A few weeks ago a court magistrate decided that as she didn’t want to work past 4pm, she’d simply strike the cases of the waiting 14 defendants off the record and tell them to go home.  One of those gems is charged with child rape.  Ah – South Africa.

But I still love it here.


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